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How To - NBA

To properly bet on NBA games, you need to understand the nature of the game.

  • Each game consists of 4 quarters.
  • The NBA tournament hosts a multitude of games each season, with each time playin one time at home and then away.
  • It is important to make a note of these simple points when researching data on each team: which team is performing better at home or away; what is the average scoring points at home or away; what is the performance by quarter (some teams may perform better at beginning of the games, while othe reams may perform better towards the end)
  • Check the news to see if there are injuries for each team that would affect their game performance.
  • In any injuries occur, check the player profile data and perfomance along with the substitution's data performance. Extract one data from the other to understand the handicap a team will suffer.

Given that you did your homework right, you can now make a pick in terms of who will win a game or even a quarter. These picks can be used at online sports betting operators to place a waget and win (that of course if your pick is succesfull).

NBA News

Below we have gathered a list of news from the NBA tournament that you can read and research. News are updated continously from different sources:

 Gilbert Arenas on whooping LeBron, CP3 & Bosh in USA Team practice | EPISODE 12 | CLUB SHAY SHAY
Gilbert Arenas tells Shannon Sharpe about when he was dominating USA Team practice against Los Angeles Lakers' star LeBron James, Chris Paul, Chris Bosh, Dwight Howard & Joe Johnson. 'I’m thinking I’m LeBron James the way I was jumping!'

“LeBron will be Top 3 all-time w/o ever tapping into his full ability” | EPISODE 12 | CLUB SHAY SHAY
Shannon Sharpe and Gilbert Arenas discuss LeBron James' sustained greatness and impact on the league. Arenas knew that the Los Angeles Lakers' star would be the player he is today very early on in his career. 'In 2004 or 2005, I said: LeBron is gonna go down as Top 3, 4 greatest of all-time without ever having to tap into his real ability. Because he doesn't have to. That's how dominant this man is,' says Arenas. He goes on to tell Shannon a story about playing cards with LeBron and what he noticed about the way the King's mind works.
Dr. Provencher breaks down Nuggets guard, Jamal Murray’s ACL injury
Injury expert and former head team doctor for the Patriots, Dr. Matt Provencher, provides insight on Denver Nuggets, Jamal Murray season-ending ACL injury, and what sort of rehab Jamal has to do to return to his top playing form.
Gilbert Arenas: James Harden has to reevaluate how he plays the game | EPISODE 12 | CLUB SHAY SHAY
Gilbert Arenas discusses Brooklyn Nets' star James Harden and what he needs to do to become a complete player. 'Harden is going to have to reevaluate how he plays the game. Everyone has come and gone, so is it them or is it you? You have this great offensive guy who only has one offensive tool and no one else can actually eat.'
Gilbert Arenas: Giannis needs to learn to play basketball. He’s like James Harden | EPISODE 12
Shannon Sharpe posed Gilbert Arenas a straightforward question: 'What does Giannis Antetokounmpo need to do to win a championship?' And Arenas answered bluntly: 'Learn how to play basketball.' Arenas goes on to explain why Milwaukee Bucks' star Giannis is the James Harden of the Eastern Conference.
Wizards owner to Gilbert Arenas “Get me out of this MJ horror.” | EPISODE 12 | CLUB SHAY SHAY
Before Gilbert Arenas signed with the Washington Wizards in 2003, the owner told him: 'Get me out of this Michael Jordan horror.' Gilbert then goes on to tell Shannon Sharpe how his $111M contract came to be.



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