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How To - NBA

To properly bet on NBA games, you need to understand the nature of the game.

  • Each game consists of 4 quarters.
  • The NBA tournament hosts a multitude of games each season, with each time playin one time at home and then away.
  • It is important to make a note of these simple points when researching data on each team: which team is performing better at home or away; what is the average scoring points at home or away; what is the performance by quarter (some teams may perform better at beginning of the games, while othe reams may perform better towards the end)
  • Check the news to see if there are injuries for each team that would affect their game performance.
  • In any injuries occur, check the player profile data and perfomance along with the substitution's data performance. Extract one data from the other to understand the handicap a team will suffer.

Given that you did your homework right, you can now make a pick in terms of who will win a game or even a quarter. These picks can be used at online sports betting operators to place a waget and win (that of course if your pick is succesfull).

NBA News

Below we have gathered a list of news from the NBA tournament that you can read and research. News are updated continously from different sources:

 DeMar DeRozan believes Becky Hammon will get a shot at becoming a head coach in the NBA I Club Shay Shay
DeMar DeRozan and Shannon talk about how San Antonio Spurs' assistant coach Becky Hammon will get a shot at becoming a head coach in the NBA and how this could be the NBA’s Jackie Robinson moment.

DeMar DeRozan and Shannon talk about depression and showing affection as a Black man I Club Shay Shay
Shannon Sharpe and DeMar DeRozan speak candidly about athletes opening up about their mental health and Black men showing affection. Shannon says, 'We have to stop this notion that you're not a man if you show emotion or become vulnerable.' DeMar DeRozan dives deeper into his struggle with depression and speaking out on it along with other professional athletes, such as Kevin Love.
DeRozan’s Reaction to Drake Name-Dropping Him in ‘Lemon Pepper Freestyle’ I Club Shay Shay
DeMar DeRozan joins Shannon Sharpe to discuss Drake including DeMar's name in the 'Lemon Pepper Freestyle.' DeRozan explains, 'No matter what, when it comes to Drake, he’ll forever have a friend in me and loyalty out of me. He cared and was there for me when everything was going crazy.'
NBA Draft prospects & where they’ll be in five years — Sam Vecenie | Titus & Tate
The Athletic's Sam Vecenie joins Mark Titus and Tate Frazier to break down which NBA Draft prospects will actually be on rosters five years from now.
DeMar DeRozan hung up on Masai Ujiri when he got the call that he was being traded I Club Shay Shay
DeMar DeRozan tells Shannon Sharpe how he learned that the Toronto Raptors were trading him and his emotions surrounding parting ways with the team. DeRozan remembers that he was leaving the movie theater and on his way to get food when he got the call.
DeMar DeRozan talks playing with Lakers, LeBron & AD I CLUB SHAY SHAY
DeMar DeRozan joins Shannon Sharpe to discuss what it would be like to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. DeRozan explains, 'You’d love to have the opportunity to play at home, especially if they want you, why not? I think it would work [between me, LeBron & AD]. We’re smart basketball players and it’s all about coming together.'



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